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Pulled In With Jeremy Krieger is the brainchild of yours truly, Jeremy Krieger,  a lifelong pulling fan, and sometime pulling announcer. Having a father in the sport who has been announcing for 40 plus years, and a brother who also grew up within the sport,  I am interested in the personal stories, the ones that make us love the sport, and remember why we do it, and the “Pulled In Podcast” is my outlet to bring those stories to the masses.

Pulled in was born September 26, 2014  but the seed was planted in February of that year when i asked some friends and fellow pullers what they thought of a podcast that dealt with the personal stories behind the sport, as opposed to just the pulling side of things.  My initial idea was well received with the help of friends, and great sponsors, I was able to make this dream come true.

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It is my hope that The Pulled In Podcast will continue to grow and grow until it is the biggest and best podcast in all of truck and tractor pulling.  Feel free to check out the site, and listen to the show, find us on facebook and at live events across the US.


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I am always super interested in gathering ideas, and show guest recommendations from the fans. If you have something you’d like to see or hear on the show, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

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I can be reached via email at Jeremy@getpulledin.com

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